Friday, December 27, 2013

Christmas Adventures- Heber Springs - Hot Springs

Wow, Christmas is Over!  This year I spent 10 nights with my parents!  In different locations!  They moved to Heber Springs, AR a year ago.  Although, I have made a few short trips...I haven't been there for several days.  So, with Brianna home from college to take care of the horses, I took off.

We, my brother and I, feel like that we actually almost grew up there.  Our family spent weeks there at the lake in the summer, camping, swimming and skiing.  Lots of memories.  Heber Springs was a one horse town then and still is today, My opinion.....Each time that we have made that quick trip, I have commented on some cute shops downtown.  My mom had not even been down there!  But, this trip, I had a couple of days, so we had time to check them all out.  I was quite pleased!  To be a one horse town, there are several CUTE boutiques, a Great fabric store and several little Antique malls.  Actually, there is more downtown than I remember as a teenager.  I bought some AR salsa and jam for friends!

Main Street Mall -
LV Boutiquie -

Check out their Facebook page.  There are many other cute shops, but I couldn't find a web page on them.

Then, one day we went to check on the swans again.  I talked about them in a previous blog post.  The Trumpeter Swans.  I wanted to see if more had arrived.  There was a man there this time with a nice camera.  He commented that we had just missed a large group of pelicans.  They were a bit off of flight pattern.  I asked, if I could see the pictures that he had taken.  And sure enough they were Pelicans! Nice camera!  I asked if he was shooting  pictures for a paper or something.  He laughed and said, "No, just to bore his friends with."  He told me that he had taken a picture of a swan across the lake last year and able to focus in on the leg band.  Then he traced the band to see where the bird was from.  Quite interesting!  I took some good video, but can't get it to upload.

We did some other stuff, like hang pictures, rearrange some furniture, drove out to their farm, (which I didn't get to see, because the road was still iced over) had lunch at a hole in wall, DJ's in Drasco, AR.  They had a great Catfish lunch!

Then, it was time to start on the second leg of Christmas.....Hot Springs, AR bound!  Mom and I in my car.  Dad in their car.  Needless to say, we lost him at least once.  We stopped and he didn't.....Phone call required. 

I had seen a bunch of Junk/Antique stores on one short trip between Heber Springs and Hot Springs by way of Conway.  So, off we went.  First stop we made was in Quitman at The Vintage Rose.  Adorable store with lots of gifts, home decor, and ladies accessories.  I actually found a scarf for my daughter that she loves!
 The Vintage Rose -

We made several other stops and then we stopped at The Peddlers in Greenbrier.  Pickers Paridise, well maybe not, it has already been picked.  But, if your looking for something special, this place saves you a lot of mileage, and time.

You can click on the picture to blow it up!
After, this store, we were pooped, so we drove on to Hot Springs.  Check back for the Hot Springs adventures!