Sunday, January 12, 2014

Burlap Coat Rack

The coat closet, houses a hot water heater......I don't know who decided that the closet by the entry would be a great spot, but they did.  But, none the less, I needed something for guest to hang coats on.  Since burlap seems to be the in thing, this is what I came up with.

For those that may want to do something like this.
1. My big board is 48" long, 8" wide. The cedar board is 4" wide, 44" long.  That gave me 2" all the way around.

2. I covered the large board with some cotton batting, I used a staple gun to attach it to the back.  Then the same with the burlap.

3. You may need help with this step, I did.  I got the cedar board placed were I wanted it, then flipped it over (carefully) to attach it with screws from the back.

4.  Then, I measured out where to place the hooks and marked them.  Then, we pre-drilled the holes. We put the 3 middle ones on.  I know what your thinking..... Why didn't you put all them on.  WELL, you have to get it attached to the wall, firmly enough to hold 5 coats. 

5. Check the area where your coat rack is going to hang.  We had a stud we could hit on one end but not the other.  Hold the coat rack up, get it where you want it and have hubby drill one hole on each end thru to the wall *****The reason the outside hooks are not on.  You hide the wall screw under them.**** We then put in a wall anchor on the end that we didn't have a stud.  Now attach it to the wall.

6. Final step, put the last two hooks on.