Saturday, July 6, 2013

Garden - The changing of Colors!

How many of you have had bushes/plants change colors?  What about plants that were planted at the same does awesome the other one grows slow?  Yes, I know it is the dirt, but still very interesting.  Sometimes the plants are right next to each other....

This is a Chaste Tree and it produces tons of babies every year.  I have given away trees and transplanted trees.  I thought that Purple was the color .......Until, I saw the blooms on this one, which is White.  So, what do you do in modern times, Google it!  They do actually come in Blue/Purple, Pink & White.  So, is it the dirt? The article said to pick one blooming so you know what color you are getting.  Which makes it sound like they really do come different colors and it doesn't have anything to do with the acidity or whatever with the dirt.  So, How did I get a White one from the Purple one?   There are some other interesting reads on Chaste Tree, here is one

This is a Hibiscus.  I bought the Red one and now I have a White one.  I know that White is the original color.  They can be seen growing wild.  I have had many more come up from seed.  Some I have given away and some I have transplanted.  As far as I know....all of them produced Red flowers.  So, why do I have a White one?

 Crepe Myrtles....The White one is the First one I planted and I have another Large White one around back. I have gotten alot of seedlings from each.  The Pink one came from one of the White ones.

 Both of these trees were planted at the same time.  The Large one on the Left is planted in front of the barn. It is twice as large and is actually being supported at this time.  All the rain we had this spring had caused it to start leaning.  The one on the Right, is planted at the back of the barn.  I know why it  isn't as large....Lots of gravel back here.  I almost Never got a hole dug for it.  It took days....dig a little, put water in the hole, dig more, more water.  I probably needed a bigger hole.  It was bigger than root ball, but should have been bigger.

Planted at the same time in front of the barn....One is on the left corner, the other on the right.  The one pictured on the Right is Twice as tall as the other.

The Fig Bush, the picture on the Left is from earlier this year. That is about the size that it has been every year.  Fig tree gone wild.  The picture on the Right was taken yesterday and now it is taller that the Peach tree and it is loaded with figs.