Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Wow! What A BARN!

Good Morning!  I haven't disappeared....I have just been out of town.  First, we had a weekend Barrel Race, then off to Iowa with my oldest daughter, then to Hot Springs.  Now, I am home and I've been weeding the gardens.  A lot of grass can grow in 10 days!

I have never been to Iowa, so I was excited that my daughter, Megan, asked me to attend a family event with her new company, Stine Seed.  She took a sales position about a month ago and will be selling corn and soybean seed to farmers in KY.  I am really excited for her!

We drove all day on Monday......10 hours.  Stine put some of us in the Prairie Meadows Hotel.  There were Lounges, Restaurants, a Casino and a Horse Race Track.  Yes, I was excited!  Anyone that reads my blog, has seen my post about the Oaklawn Race Track in Hot Springs, AR. And, other employees that brought children were just down the street in a hotel next to a Water/Amusement park and were given wristbands for the park.  What a concept! Yes, someone gave thought to that one!

In the Lobby!  I want one!

Monday night, we attended a banquet to recognize employee accomplishments.  On Tues, the sales team went to the Farm and the guest got a free day.  But, then that evening is when we went to the barn for dinner, dancing and games.  Oh my, this barn is to die for!  I am sorry that the pictures do not do justice, because I took them on my phone.

Love this table!
I'll take those stools, Please!
Can you say cute!
Yes, it is Fabulous!
Close up of a wall!
Upstairs Bedroom!
Food, yes they kept us fed. In the barn hallway.
A stall front.
The grounds
This is the Barn!
Megan and I in front of a fountain!
Wednesday they had a half day of meetings, but that night....the track!

We did bet on some ponies!  No luck, close, but not close enough!  It was great entertainment and I don't bet big money, so nothing to be sad about.

The Paddock
Prairie Meadows Track
I had a great time, met a great group of people, learned about the company, Stine Seed, and their product.  I am really excited for her!