Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Photo Boards

Have you seen the cute fabric covered photos boards? They didn't have the color that you wanted?  Simple!  Make one.  We have several in the house.  My Youngest daughter is going to college in the fall and asked if I would make a new one for her dorm room.  Instant Blog Material!

 This is the one in her room now. You can't even see the fabric, but it is Red Bandanna.  I told her see should pull a few things off, but she said she liked everything on there.

Western Fabric with barrel racing photos and the Barn (Before)
The new ONE!

                 If you would like to make one, this is how I did it. 

What you will need: I used a 23" x 35" Cork Board, a favorite fabric- 1 Yard, ribbon (2 rolls at least) Cotton backing, Upholstry brads and a Staple gun.

1. Iron your fabric to get any wrinkles out
2. Lay your cotton backing out on a flat surface, cut to size of board allowing enough to staple to the back of the board.  The cotton backing gives it some fluff, and I think makes the edges look better with your fabric. Lay the board face down on cotton and staple as you go around the board, making sure to keep the cotton snug.

Staple to  back of board onto wood frame

 Next attach fabric.  I cut enough to allow turning fabric over then over again to attach.  Then there no fraying edges.  Make sure that if you have a pattern like this one that you square board up to the design.

If you doing a stripe say, You don't want it going uphill/downhill.
Ok, I know all the ribbon is on here, but of course I didn't take enough pictures.  The first ribbon that I put on are the 2 center ones.  The ones where the center picture is located.  They are stapled (yes more) to the back of the board.  About 3 1/2" down from the corner, measuring from the front, not where it will land on the back.  DO ALL the ribbon going in one direction First, then the ribbon going in the other direction. Start in the middle again...

Then you work your way to the corners.  Measure 4" between ribbon.  I used a couple a straight pens to help hold my ribbon, because you have to flip the board to staple,  Pull ribbon taunt, but not overly tight.

Ribbon looks pretty symmetrical.

Then, add the brads.  You can just push them thru ribbon, fabric right into cork board.  It adds to the looks and makes the ribbon tight for holding your pictures.

Your Done! Expect for hanging and adding memories..........If you are not clear on my muddy instructions, just ask.  No question is Dumb.  When, we get it into the Dorm room.  I will update with a picture.  I foresee lots of blogging material.  LOL!