Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Drop Cloth -No Sew Curtains

I have been needing curtains for this sunroom.  Why?  Some people don't want curtains in a sunroom, they want the sun to shine in.  But, this room can get really warm, so curtains are a nice shield during Hot days. We only have three bedrooms, so it can serve as an extra guest room also.  I have taken a nice nap on that futon, LOL.

I had just been unable to decide on something. I do that sometimes....think...look....and finally a light bulb clicks on for me.  Two huge windows plus a smaller third one.  I didn't want a lot of color because you look out into this room from the den and dining room.  I needed something that wasn't going to cost me and arm and leg.  I had seen these done before....Paint Drop Cloths.  They were perfect, a 6 x 9, 8oz fabric for $10.43 from Lowes.  I needed 5 of them.  Add that up $50 bucks for a whole room of curtains, versus two panels.  The rod and clips were the expensive part.

I like them!
  Their not real full when closed, but I don't intend for them to be closed that much and I do want as much window exposed as possible when the curtains are pulled back.

This is an EASY project.....OK, ironing out all the seams wasn't real easy.  ( My mom even said so, LOL!) I folded mine over 16" at the top and pressed a nice seam, no sewing.  Then I measured the distance I needed between clips and put a straight pen in, then when I got up on the ladder to hang, just clip and remove the straight pen.  OK, I know what you are thinking.....Why didn't you just put the clips onto the curtains in the first place?  The rod brackets are circles, the rod has to slid thru the circle. They are not the brackets that just hold the rod.  The clips have to be on the rod when hung. Unless, you have room to pull your rod apart in the middle, you could put the clips onto the curtains and then slide them onto the rod.  I didn't have room to work.  See that corner?

 Eight ounce fabric is pretty heavy.  I am glad I didn't go with the 10oz.  You do have to kinda work with it when pulling the curtains back.

This rod, brackets & clips had the installed all in one piece.
My mom is a Seamstress and she couldn't believe it, when I told her that they were drop cloths.  Now, she has done a bedroom in them and a shower curtain.

Cost......Drop Cloths $52.15  Rods & Rings $132.82