Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Pallet Table

I was on a roll this week with wood and pallet projects.  I needed a table for a hallway, so I made this one.  I made a Magazine/End table, this Table and a shelf out of two pallets.  I have part of pallet still left, but the wood is pretty bad. The tops, shelves and some trim were scraps.

Measures 42" long x 29 1/2" tall x 14 1/4" deep
 The hallway is kinda dark, so I thought COLOR!  Pictures really do not do justice.  The top of this table is FABULOUS!

 One end/side, add screws to make it more stable.  I added a piece of wood horizontal across the cut end, that is the bottom of legs

 Then I flipped it on its top and secured a piece of wood under top braces to hold the ends in place.  I then checked to make sure it was sitting level.  And I added the cross pieces.  I am not going to show you the back, because it isn't perfect. But, from the front, it looks good.  Use SCREWS and then if you have to take something back apart, it is easy.....

 Then, I added the bottom shelf and YIKES my table got uneven.  I haven't done many wood projects by myself, much less using pallets.  This is why I said, "Use Screws." I took the cross pieces back off and table was still uneven.  I was still scratching my head when hubs got home.  It took him about two seconds to realize that the wood pieces that I had attached the shelf to were not level.  It was level on top, but not on the bottom.  @@@ I said this is the same pallet, DUH, it is a pallet and they are not measuring and leveling when they put these together.  I won't make that mistake again.  The right side was lower than the left, so we used a piece of wood to shim it up.  Perfect, I was finally ready to finish putting it back together.

I then put the trim pieces down the front and the TOP last.  Yep, I have made that mistake, measuring and cutting the top piece before all trim is on and then not having any hang over on the front and sides.  I used all pallet wood except the shelf and top.  The shelf is out of (2) 1"x6" and the top is(2) 2" x 8"

 Love this....adds character, where insects drilled/ate out the wood.

 Then, I watered down some White paint and White washed it.  Painted the shelves with Black and before it was dry, I painted on RED.

 Then Turquoise....Let it dry....And Sanded....See the Red

 I wanted a bit more color.  I had beat up the wood to add dings in.  I took an artist brush and dabbed yellow and green into some of those dings and then wiped across it with a damp paper towel.

 Then, I sanded.....again and brushed on a dark stain...and wiped off

 Pictures Really do NOT do justice.

I love how it turned out!  Have you done any Pallet projects?

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