Monday, October 14, 2013

An Old Key Picture

I LOVE Pinterest and Home Talk!   I am pretty creative, but it never ceases to amaze me the things people come up with.  Simple things, like displaying Old Keys in a picture frame.  I do believe I pinned that one to my Pinterest boards.  All the while, thinking where would you ever find some old keys.....

One, of my favorite spots to visit when in Hot Springs, AR is the Central Station Marketplace.  On one such trip, I ran across a box of small keys.  I wanted a ring of them, but he wanted $5 a piece, so I only bought one.  Then, a couple of rows over...Jackpot, a whole ring of Large keys for $10.  Now, I had the keys, I needed a frame.

So...the keys sat....

Then, Southern Junkers ( had a Fall Market with a ton of vendors.  I found the FRAME and just my color....RED with a bit of Turquoise, but no back. Not a problem!

Off to the Hardware store to purchase a thin piece of wood (pictured) for a back and Burlap to cover it with.

Tools needed:  Circular Saw, Square, Pencil...  I am not real comfortable with Saws, but I was determined to do this by myself.  

  I measured out the size needed to fit into the back of frame and cut.....

Then, I used the Spray Adhesive to attach the burlap and the Quick Grip to glue the keys to Burlap/Backing.  On Pinterest, I did not see instructions on How they attached  the keys.....So, I am hoping this Holds!

Hung on the wall and the keys are still in place!
Have you done any key projects?  And, I still have that One small key to do something with....