Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Project- Painting, caulking, New Trim

Project- AR house. It has been a two year project and the projects will continue.........

Although it was in good shape when we purchased it, we still want to make it our own.  The front of the house is looking pretty good.  Now that the weather has cooled, it was time to tackle the rotted trim around the exterior windows of the sunroom. We had already decided to put Cedar trim back up to continue the cedar shutter theme. The house has vinyl trim, but the sunroom siding is a wood/composite siding.  I decided it needed a little pop!  I have never really been a green fan, but some of the brick has a green tint to it.  I had gotten some paint chips from Lowes and I picked two colors of green.  Then, I went and had samples mixed up ($3 each) and painted a sample on the wall.  Then it was Eeny, meeny, miny, moe....First, we like the lighter one, then we liked the darker one.  Finally, I picked the darker green.

See the rotted trim
Popped the trim off and started cleaning.
More cleaning
 We found rotted wood, which got Bondo.  Some windows were caulked on one side and not the other.  My husband said, "Did they just get tired....WTHeck?"

See the gaps that were filled...
Caulking begins.....

 We took off a week for this trip, and we knew this was a pretty big project, painting and cutting new trim, BUT I didn't think about all the caulking that may have to be done around the windows before trim and AFTER trim.  If your going to do it, Do It right. 

 My husband and father pre-cut all the trim and marked on the back as to what window and side it was for.  My mom stained and I painted.  Because the cedar was wider than regular trim, we decided to trim out both windows together, with one wide board down the middle. This board had to have width cut off.....That is when they discovered that the windows were off a bit.  The bottom of the windows were not the same width apart as the top of the windows.....Looking back.  We would have stained all the wood first, then put the middle piece in and then cut each trim piece right before it went up.  Even thou they measured, because the windows were not quite square, a few boards came up short.  Oh well, like 3 boards....I will find something to do with them.
One of the boards that came up short, back to the store.
More caulking......But my dad introduced us to this great little package of caulking tools that gives your caulk a great edge.

 Finally, FINISHED!.........Well, now I need to clean the gutters and paint the doors...Now, they really look bad, since everything else is so fresh!  One project always leads to another.

 AND the DECK......OMgosh this is going to be a big project.  It will probably take several trips to get it done.  After all, We have to have some fun when are there...and this time we did too.  This project actually took us, I am going to say 3 full days+....Supplies purchased Tues afternoon, worked all day Wed, Thurs morning, then he went and played golf, and mom & I went junking, all day Friday, it rained on Sat (went for a massage & a great dinner out)...Finished up on Sun morning.  We had good help thru Friday morning, so by ourselves, it would taken longer.
OK, so I have seen that new Restore Deck stuff that puts a solid covering over the deck.  Has anyone used it?  I am thinking about putting that on the deck floor and staining the rails to match the cedar trim.  Of course replacing the lights.  And, I see a pallet bar......