Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Pallet Projects

 Yep, Pallet Projects are all the Rave!  And of course I have extra on hand, because we use them in the hay barn. The weather has finally cooled and I have a great place to work in...The Garage/Party room (yep it is here on the blog)

 I made a Pallet Bar for a friend awhile back, but haven't made anything for me.  And, I am really wanting an outside BAR.  I had been thinking about those pallets.  I had already cleaned up two of them and they were just sitting around waiting on me.  I was standing there looking at the pallet and it just came to me...yes the light comes on like that for me.   A magazine end table to go at the end of the couch.  At my other home, on one end of the couch there is no room for a standard end table, really no room at all.  So, where does everyone want to sit.....on the other end, so you can put your coffee down on the table.  

So, now my mind is racing!  I get my tape measure and come in the house to measure how tall end tables are and check on the length I need.  I go back out with my measuring tape and pick the one that already is together, almost the way I need it....OMgosh, almost too simple.

I have been reading a lot on pallets lately and did not realize that they were heat treated and chemical treated.  They are stamped to show which treatment that they received.  Mine, did not have anything stamped on them.  I am hoping they were not Chemical treated as they are going in my house.

Checking to see if one section will work for the length needed.
 I had already almost completed Two projects by the time hubby got home.  I had been prying boards off by using a large Screw driver (driving it down behind the planks) with a hammer.  Then, he picked up a scrap piece of board and started doing it this way.  Just go on and cancel your gym membership, if you going to take up building with pallets.
Added screws to make more secure.
I added feet (pallet boards) on the bottom, because this table is narrow and will tip easy.  The boards will slide under the couch.

I used a 6" piece of rough cut cedar to go on the top and to trim out the front.  I love this little tool for straight/square lines.
Top on and front needs a trim piece

I was trying to decide if I wanted to stain completely or go more rustic.  I went for a full coverage

 Here it is Finished and it actually works real well at this house too.  Looks like I may be making another one!
Great place for a coffee cup or a glass, right there in the horseshoe.

I really LOVE it!  My dad called and asked what I was doing.  I said, "I am making tables out of Pallets." and he said, "Really?"  "I guess, I will just have see that....."  They came in town over the weekend and I must say, I think he was impressed!

***And here is where it was designed to be used.  See the door, there is no room for a full size table.  But, now that end of the sofa is getting used.  And, guess what?  That end of the sofa need broken in, feels firmer than the other......

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