Thursday, August 1, 2013

A New Light Fixture!

A new light fixture for the dining room.  Oh yes, I am excited!  We bought the new fixture several months ago and it has just sat in it's box in the garage.  I mean, I guess we had an excuse.  This is at our second home in AR and it seems that we just never have enough time to get everything done and have some fun while we are there.  This trip how ever, there were no projects, just visiting with my parents, some grass cutting of course and some R&R.

Saturday while Bob was out cutting grass, I brought the box in the house.  As with all things, some assembly required.
 Why, did I want a new light fixture?  This is a Nice Ceiling fan.  Problem, it is not centered over the table, it is centered to the room.
Assembly started
And, now it is together and it sat on the table for the rest of day, until supper. Then, I moved it to the floor.
On Sunday, Bob was still out cutting grass or something....I think that just maybe he was dragging his feet, but I am not sure. (There is always something to do outside)  He came in one time and said, "You don't have that up yet," and he went back out the door. Hmmm  First, we had to find a ceiling joist, crossing fingers, hoping it would be near the center of the table.  My dad (he knows everything) was helping me.  I got up in the middle of the table.  Yes I could have moved it, but then I wouldn't know where middle was, Right? I measured over 16" from the center of the ceiling fan and then moved over to center of the table.  I then took the stud finder so see how close we were.  I know some people love the stud finders, personally I have still missed the stud using one.  And, I did this time too!  I used a small, small nail to tap into the ceiling to see if  it hit a stud. Nope, moved over just a bit and Bingo!   In the mean time, Bob has come back in, while I am punching nails thru the ceiling. So, I get off the table, so we can move and use a ladder.  Now he gets to take over.  I don't like my dad on a ladder.  He drilled a hole, for the hook to hold the light fixture.

I flipped this picture three times, but when uploaded it's reversing....
 Bob put the hook up and that point, he says, "Do you really want to spend the next 2 hours getting this up?"  I am thinking, he REALLY doesn't want to do this....... we got the hard part done, it is not going to take that long, and we have help.  I just looked at him and say nothing.  My mom pipes in and says, "I think that is a YES."  Now, we have to get the fan down.  First turn off the breaker to the light!  Taking down the fan was fun.  This one doesn't go up or come down as one unit, but in pieces, starting with the fan blades.  But, it didn't take that long.

 Finished project and it is centered over the table and in about 45 mins from the start.  I love it and so does Bob!

Next Dining Room project......I am going to find some grass cloth wallpaper to go into the backs of the bookcases, a lamp for the desk and I want to find a rug.  All things take time when your on a budget of time and money.  But, it has come a long way baby,  from purchase.  I mean everyone loves orange...Right.  Well,
they did and it was in several rooms.