Monday, August 5, 2013

A Kitchen Gut JOB!

My parents have been talking.....about moving for years....move closer to me, move to AR, stay. They have looked at homes and there was always something that one or the other didn't like. One day I was at their home in Bartlett, TN (about 30 mins form me) and I look at my dad and say, "I really do not know why you are staying here." My brother is in Kansas, and most our family is in AR.  I am the only one here and I don't see them every week, although we talk on the phone at least every other day.  After the passing of my grandmother, my mom decided that it was time to make a move and she wanted a project.  They looked at this house several times.  A kitchen and 3 1/2 bathrooms outdated! The kitchen was hideous, one bath-Pink, one-blue, one-green, one yellow.  I really tried to talk them out of it, because of the money, Cha ching that it takes to renovate those rooms.  But, they did get a great deal on the house,  they both liked it, it has a huge garage, a nice yard and they had a nice budget to get started.

Here is the Kitchen!  UGLY!!!!!  So ugly, I tried to talk them out of buying this house....

She only took one before picture.  But you are looking at the washer/dryer hookup.  That was moved to another area in the house. The dishwasher and  sink were on that wall as well.  The stove was under a window to the right.  And that horrid lattice work was every where. A weird set up.

The tear out started.  That is my brother on the Left, Rodney Williams.  He lives in Olathe, KS and came down to do the demo. They hired professionals to move plumbing and rerun electrical. The stove was moved to the wall pictured and the sink was moved under the window and dishwasher beside it.

They laid tile while they were there doing the tear out.  The electric and plumbing had to rerouted and would require them to come back to put the sheet rock back up. They were also working on a new master bath while they were there. 

Sheet rock back up.
 They custom ordered Kitchen cabinets from a cabinet maker in Heber Springs.  Rustic cherry and they are fabulous!  If your going to gut a kitchen, get a bid for custom vs stock cabinets.  Their bid was only a couple hundred dollars difference.

Sink is where it should be, under the window.

Under cabinet lighting, and new stainless appliances

Granite counter tops!
There are plans for a back splash, but so many decisions, they were just worn out.  And living in Heber Springs, AR, requires you to drive to Searcy, Little Rock or Conway to get just about anything.....Sigh....I warned them.

My brother does all kinds of remodel work.  Contact info Rodney Williams, Olathe KS, 913-660-4670

Tomorrow, I am going to show you the Master Bath.