Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Bathroom Gut JOB!

Yesterday, I showed you my parents new kitchen.  Today, I am showing you the bathrooms.....I wish I had the drawing that my mother did, but I don't.  Get your visual hat on.

 This was the first thing you came to walking down the hall, a 1/2 bath. And then this yellow bath was behind the 1/2 bath accessible from the master bedroom.

 The green bath was next door to the blue bath and it is still there, but it has a new vanity and the walls have been painted. They looked into having the tub re-glazed,,,,no one in AR does that. This is a NICE deep tub.

After, new vanity and paint job.

 This Pink bath is across the hall off of another Bedroom.  For now, it is what it is, they are tired of reno. But, the vanity and walls have been painted. New vanity top going in, check back for updated pictures.

SOoooo. The New Master Bath......Includes these two baths, a 1/2 bath and a full bath, that backed up to each other.  Then beside these baths was a hallway that was just wasted space, that was taken in for a shower.

Let the demo begin:
looking toward main hallway, the area to the right is for new shower
Hammering out concrete to run water for shower
Dad on the hammer, and that lovely yellow on the wall is a plastic to keep dust confined.
Stubs outs for vanity.
Tub & Shower
New Shower, where a hall use to be.

A toilet goes back into original location
I asked for finished pictures and here is a couple.....looking lived in.  LOL!

This shower door rotates in or out.
Toilet is in the other end of the room.  Sorry no picture.

****Warning, the Kitchen & Bath are the most expensive renovation projects.  They had a nice budget, and it went fast!