Friday, August 16, 2013

How does your Garden Grow?

We have had a ton of rain here in the South!  A very unusual summer.  Most summers I have to water my gardens and I stand there sweating, while just holding a water hose.  Besides, my lovely gardens, we grow hay here on our small farm.  And, as I type, I pray that it does NOT rain today.  It wasn't suppose to RAIN.  And, we have cured hay on the ground, ready to bale as soon as the dew gets off of it this morning.  Literally, I have prayed several times this morning.  God has sent the rain around me before and I have faith that we will not get rained on today!

But, I wanted to show you the gardens.  They have really loved the rain this year and so have the weeds.  It has been difficult to keep up, when I have been out of town so much.

Pulling weeds and dead growth!  And that wasn't the only wheelbarrow..
Crepe Mrytles coming up in the flower bed

Black Eyed Susans love my dirt!

Poison Ivy is not my friend!  I grabbed some twice while weeding..
 Look under the labels for Helpful Hints, there is one on Poison Ivy.

The vegetable garden, well there are flowers here, as well.
The Tomato plants are huge, which is normal, but the tomatoes are just now coming in.  Very late for my garden.  I usually have the first ripe tomato by July 4th.
See what I mean, Zinnias and Lambs Ear, Bee Balm
My oasis

Green beans, Boy have we enjoyed these.
I cut the Basil back.  I have loved using it fresh and dried some too