Saturday, August 3, 2013

Getting Dorm Ready!

Wow, this summer break has flown by and dorm move in for Brianna is Aug 10th....Yikes, we will be officially empty nesters.  For the last two months, we have been dorm shopping & doing projects for the room.....and boy do the $$ mount up.

Her comforter is Turquoise and White.  She wanted to add a touch of Yellow & Coral to the room.  Two of the projects, a photo board (I have already done an article on that one) and her Initials.

Now the letter project.  We went to Hobby Lobby and found some wood letters, the D being bigger for our last name.  And, we painted.  The yellow letters got many coats, the wood just kept sucking it up.....

Then she decided she wanted to D have Chevron.  Again Googled for a Pattern.

This was tedious!

In the middle of the night, I got to thinking that the letters (yellow ones) would just have no pop against those blah dorm colored walls and she was wanting some coral accents.  I had some free canvas in my closet that I could paint coral and then put the Letters on it.

We had looked for a Coral at Hobby Lobby and then didn't have one.  I don't know how to make colors, so I googled how to mix a coral.  Mix red with white to make pink and then mix in orange till you get the coral you want.  I mixed it, but was it the right coral?  She had purchased a pillow, so I went and got it to check the color.  Dead On!  I couldn't believe it, Lucky Me!

Hot glued can tabs on the back to hang.
This what my Living room corner looks like right now and some of the stuff is in an upstairs closet...

Tub full of food, cereal bowls, spoons, gatorade, sprite
Tub of personal products, Laundry products,

Linens & Towels
This should be fun! Moving in and getting two girls stuff organized in one room!  Check back for dorm pictures!